Spring 2019 Archive

exploring the potentials of ai in healthcare

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In partnership with the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare, we put together a mix-and-mingle event, Exploring the Potentials of AI in Healthcare, on Thursday April 25th. It featured 4 keynote speakers, cutting-edge research presentations and open-floor discussions. Students and professionals alike were invited to hear about the work being conducted in the technological applications of AI in real world settings.



SLIDESHOW- APl guestspeaker: jordan Matelsky

Jordan Matelsky, a researcher studying Neuroscience and Computer Science at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, came to the Homewood campus on Thursday, February 28th. He spoke about biological and artificial intelligence networks, the differences and similarities between the two, and the ethical decisions presented with respect to each kind of neural network. He also facilitated an interactive activity and discussion about Turing Machines for the audience.

Fall 2018 Archive

Fall open house

We hope you enjoyed the interesting perspectives from Dr. Anirudh Sridharan, a physician working with AI tools in the medical clinic at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institute, Ashley Llorens, the chief of the Intelligent Systems Center at the JHU Applied Physics Laboratory, and Aliza Berger, a senior International Studies student discuss their experiences working with Artificial Intelligence, at our open house on Thursday, November 29th.

Their talks were followed by a reception facilitated to stimulate conversation between students and professors from different who are interested in AI.