Meet our Team


Jiali Zhang

Jiali is the Founder and President of hopAI, the Johns Hopkins Artificial Intelligence Society founded in 2018. As an aspiring physician scientist and Neuroscience major, she is interested in the applications of AI technology in medical research as well as its applications in clinical practice.


Savanna Thompson

Savanna is the Director of Outreach and a Cognitive Science major. She is interested in AI because she fell in love with the video game AI Trico in The Last Guardian and has been obsessed ever since. She also loves plants and nature but is allergic to grass.

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Daniel Blessing

Daniel is the Director of Finance and an Applied Mathematics and Statistics major. He went to high school in Massachusetts, used to play chess and enjoys running. He interested in AI because he thinks it will be a transformative technology of our generation.


Cassie Parent

Cassie is the Director of Events for hopAI and is double majoring in BME and Computer Science. She originally became interested in AI from a technical standpoint, but as she dove deeper in trying to understand the technology she realized that she also wanted to understand the ethical implications behind using AI systems. She pursues research that combines AI and medicine, while also using hopAI to explore the interesting and emerging field.

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Olivia Brown

Olivia is a double major in International Studies and Computer Science. She is from outside of Boston and is involved with the Events and Marketing teams of AI.


Daniela Torres

Daniela is a sophomore part of hopAI’s outreach committee, majoring in Cognitive Science and minoring in Computer Science. She is a research assistant in the Computational Pyscholinguistics lab on campus and runs hurdles for the track team. She loves studying how humans process language, and learning how it can be modeled computationally. She is interested in AI to help humans have better interactions with technology, to ease everyday life.


Joseph Boen

Joseph is freshman at Hopkins and double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Statistics. He is a member of both the Events and Research committees. He is interested in AI for 2 reasons: it’s really cool, and it can do really cool things; he knows these reasons might sound a little funny but they’re absolutely true. He is also fascinated by the beautiful ideas that underly AI’s inner workings and what they can tell us about the true nature of intelligence.


Hailey Sheppell

Hailey is the Director of Marketing and a Cognitive Science major with Business and Computer Science minors. Throughout her studies at Hopkins, she has found it an unparalleled learning experience to technologically model the brain and is excited about hopAI’s work.


Wang xi

Wang is the Director of Research and a BME PhD Student at Johns Hopkins. A recent burst in artificial intelligence has brought computer science into medicine deeper than ever. For the first time in ages, doctors could turn to machine learning algorithm for clinical advice or even decisions. However, the next generation biomedical practicers are faced with the giant challenge to build up robust and interpretable AI systems for health care. The mission of HopAI is to facilitate both scientific research and public awareness of AI, and he is excited to be part of this exciting era.


Claire narang

Claire is a sophomore majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in French, and is on both the Research and Marketing committees for hopAI. She believes that AI is going to revolutionize so many aspects of our every day lives, and is especially interested in its impacts on healthcare and medicine.


Peyton Baur

Peyton is sophomore from St. Louis, Missouri majoring in Computer Science and minoring in Entrepreneurship and Management. She is on the Finance and Outreach committees for hopAI and believes AI will be an incredible tool for us to expand our capabilities facets of our society. She is particularly interested in AI in the space of FinTech as well as policy surrounding AI development and innovation.

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Alex Borovoy

Alex is an International Studies major and on the Pre-medical track. He’s interested in the policy aspect of AI as well as its medical applications.  


Aim Wonghirundacha 

Aim is a junior from Thailand and is double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics and Anthropology. He is interested in the economic and social issues that emerge from the development of AI.

John Xing

John is a sophomore double majoring in Applied Math and Computer Science at Hopkins. He is a fintech enthusiast and python backend developer. He enjoys computational mathematics, algorithms, data processing, and build learning models for large datasets. Currently, he is working a social investing network that helps people analyze/rate their strategies through learning models and copy the strategies of other traders who get high ratings. He is interested in AI because it provides answers to problems in a world undergoing data growth explosion.