A collaborative platform to bring together tomorrow’s leaders and promote innovative, safe, and responsible AI.


Our Mission

HopAI strives to connect students and academics from different fields of study and levels of expertise who share a common interest and curiosity for Artificial Intelligence (AI). It provides a platform for this diverse community to educate one another and others about AI, and to examine the present and future issues and impacts of AI from varying perspectives. Through multidisciplinary discussion and debate, HopAI encourages awareness of work in varying fields of study and creates an integrative network across the Johns Hopkins institute. The organization cultivates interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration that is crucial for innovation and success as both students and academics alike.

Our goals

  • Educate: Collective exploration of the developments in AI, impacts of AI, and current or future issues of AI from varying points of expertise.

  • Create: Build a community of academics and students across the Johns Hopkins institute that shares a common interest for AI and provide opportunities to network with professionals in the field.

  • Develop: Encourage discovery beyond one’s own area of study and stimulate new ideas through interdisciplinary conversation and collaboration.

  • Inspire: Make the discussion of AI more accessible for all fields of study and increase awareness of AI developments and impacts in disadvantaged communities.